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Chewing gum

As you can see I love packaging designs. I find it a pleasure to have things that are good to eat but that are also beautiful to look at!
I collected a small selection of chewing gum packages that are out of the ordinary. I’ll let you chew on it!



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Hey Yum

When it comes to candy I’m like a kid, I love it! So, any occasion is good for me to test these sweet novelties. My latest find: the sweets of « Hey Yum! » are beyond being delicious, I love the packaging which are small monsters in different colors. And, if you pay attention to what your children eat, these sweets have an extra added quality: they are organic.

You will find them on sale in some stores in Paris, but still too few. Fortunately, you can buy them online here:



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When I go to a fast food, I admit that eating from a boring box is not what I prefer! So, when I saw the package made by Jerad Num for the American chain of fast food « Sonic » I thought that there was hope for the world of burgers! A little bit of blue, a little bit of red, a little retro side and here we are with a result much more pleasant visually then usual! It means that it’s possible to eat junk food but with style!